About Our Studio

Pilates Zone is a fully classical apparatus studio. We are truly committed to teaching the Pilates method, just as Joseph Pilates originally designed and developed. We believe that Pilates is a life style and not just another form of exercise. Our highly professional teachers will guide you on your Pilates journey, where you can apply what you learn to every day life. Our classes are small groups (max 6 people per class).

At Pilates Zone, our mission is to heal your body with control of your mind to elevate your spirit, in a fun and safe environment.


History of Pilates

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Monchengladbach, Germany in a small town, on December 8, 1880.

As a child he was suffering from asthma and rheumatic fever. Pilates was determinate to heal himself and start his journey of investing the body anatomy and movement. He work on his body to the point that at age of 14 years old, he model for anatomy charts. He study different form of exercises and went outdoor to the forest, to observe and study animal movement.

Pilates continue his journey to England at 1912 right after world war 1. At 1914 Pilates was teaching fitness and exercises, at a camp for enemy aliens in Lancaster. Those days are the days that Pilates design and create system of exercise that later in the days it’s name “Contrology “. Pilates was teaching around 100 aliens and the rumors are saying that they the only one that didn’t get sick from hard flue and virus attack, at the camp.

In 1926, Pilates immigrants to United States on boat, where he met his wife, Clara. They open Pilates studio in NY, with few dance studios around them. Pilates continue to develope his method and design more Pilates apparatus in NY.  With the years, Contrology has change to pilates method as known those days.

How To Get Started

Our Get Started package is the best way to start. It includes 4 Private Sessions (one on one instruction) to guide and teach fundamental skills of the Pilates method. Lessons are uniquely designed for each individual to understand their personal body needs, to gain the most benefits of each exercise. Contact us or click the button below to get started!


"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great thing." -Joseph Pilates