Introductory Offer for New Members

4 Private Lessons $328
SUMMER PROMO OFFER 4 Private Lessons $258

Get started on your Pilates Zone program with private lessons where you will learn the fundamentals of the Classical Pilates method to prepare you for Group Classes.
* Limit one Intro Offer per New Member

30-Minute Evaluation


Please call or email Pilates Zone to learn more about our pricing options.

Membership Options

1 Month

Unlimited Classes

6 Months

Unlimited Classes

1 Year

Unlimited Classes


2 classes per week

Billed Monthly


2 classes + 2 privates per month

Billed Every 6 Months


2 classes + 2 privates per month

Billed Annually

Skill Workshops

* Must already be participating in a 6+ month program

Non-Membership Options

Private Lessons

Group Classes

Duet Lessons

*Members may take up to four Level II classes per week, after which time we ask that members take a Level I class.  We also require that all Members participate in a Skill Workshop every other month.  Prices are based upon a 4 week month.  24 Hours advance notice is required for cancellation without charge.