Yoni Avni

Studio Owner, Teacher
Yoni first discovered Pilates in 2005 while living in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for the Pilates method inspired her to complete a 600 hour Pilates Teacher Training Certification with Teague Pilates in the Classical Pilates style. With Teague being a manufacturer of Pilates equipment, Yoni had extensive exposure to the manufacturing process which gave her a deep understanding of the components and mechanisms of Pilates equipment and apparatus, and how they interact with the human body to create the well known results of the Pilates method. In 2010, Yoni continued to pursue her education at an internationally recognized Master Teacher Training program in Boulder, Colorado. Often referred to as the “Harvard” of Classical Pilates training, The Pilates Center curriculum emphasizes the benefits of teaching in the classical style as it was created and taught by Joseph H. Pilates, himself. With specialized training in post-rehabilitative exercise programs, Yoni takes an interest in creating and teaching safe and fun Pilates programs for post-surgical clients; and also those with back, neck, and joint conditions; to improve their strength, flexibility, and stability. She enjoys working with individuals along a wide array athleticism and ages ranging from 4 to 95 years old. Additionally, Yoni has enjoyed her experiences training Professional Athletes in golf, soccer, surfing, basketball, hockey, and swimming, to optimize their athletic performance. Yoni teaches with an alignment focus, seeing the body as a whole that is moved by breath. With consistent effort, commitment, and patience, Yoni believes that the Pilates practice can truly enhance your life. Outside of the studio, you can find Yoni playing with her two beautiful daughters and enjoying nature with her family.


Sunni Almond


Sunni has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years, focusing primarily on the classical method for the past 10. There transition from teaching in the contemporary style came immediately after taking a lesson from Pilates Elder, Jay Grimes. She realized there was so much more depth to the method than the other styles she had initially been taught. Sunni is a member of the Pilates Teachers Association. Additionally, Sunni has authored articles for Pilates Style magazine, Pilates Intel, Pilates Bridge, and Pilates Glossy. Sunni now teaches globally. For anyone who wants to gain more Pilates knowledge, Sunni hosts a Facebook group for Pilates aficionados and Going More Joe, and a website: In her free time Sunni rescues giant breed dogs and is a loving Grandmother (Sasha) to the cutest two littles ever.

"Moreover, such a body freed from nerve tension and over fatigued, is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balance mind that is always fully capable of successfully meeting all of the complex problems of modern living." -Joseph Pilates